Try to see the world the way it really is.
Not the way we think it is.

Tony Fadell

Hi, I'm

Roy Albeck

Designer & Creative entrepreneur
Helping Startups, tech companies & like-minded pepole to create amazing products by using design thinking methods & awesome user experience.

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Currently the Art Director & Product designer at Fokoya a startup company bringing geamification to financial trading.
You can follow my work on Instagram, Dribbble,
UP Labs & Behance you are also welcome to read
about my work on Medium, Or just give a call.

Fokoya products

Art Direction & Product Design

At Fokoya we create social trading real-money gaming for cross-platform devices.
my job is to lead the compny’s creative side to the future, by using design thinking & research methods  to design products with clear and clean gamified UX combined with fluid & beautiful UI.

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Visual Identity & Website

Tapeer Use P2P power to create a transparent,  cheap, effective and reliable insurance world.
My task as the designer was to create a clean & professional graphic design language for the upcoming brand & implement it into a logo & website design.

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Perki (under NDA)

CCO & Co-founder

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Side projects


Local Isreali community to the new cutting edge design & prototyping tool by Invision - Join

Franer Israel

Local Isreali community to the new React  design & prototyping tool - Join

Case studies and articles

WhatsApp’s phone case study & re-design
How I’ve built my portfolio using webflow - Read here


Invision studio - startup design facebook community (hebrew).
How I’ve become a product designer in less than a year (hebrew).

You are welcome to contact me and invite me to lecture.