Fokoya products

Art Direction & Product design

I began working with Fokoya in January 2018 as the Art director & lead product designer.

Fokoya is a funded startup company that manufactures social trading apps & games the company was founded by 3 Israeli entrepreneurs, Gilad Raz (CEO) Guy Oren (COO) and Guy Lando (CTO).

My job was to take Fokoya’s design department to its maximal potential under the hectic startup work methods in the fastest way possible.At the time since I have started working in Fokoya, I managed a team of 1 designer & over 8 design interns from all over the world, working back to back with the founding team, the PM and marketing manager.

Blockium & westocks
social financial trading games (real & play money)

Blockium & WeStocks are social trading apps which comes with the goal to make the financial trading & cryptocurrency world accessible to the everyday joe.

Both platforms are web-based using React framework for the client side of the application.

The platforms both available to all users as a native app to download from the appstore/play store & also users can access the app using a web browser for a desktop experience of the products.


The guidelines of working on Blockium’s brand was to create a welcoming brand & appearance to the financial trading & blockchain tech world.Blockchain was a foreign language to our targeted user crowd, combining it with financial trading required branding that the user can relate to and feel secure with as a place to trust some of their finance but also be playful and welcoming.

The lion resembles stability and strength, it is also very common in the financial world and used widely by financial institutions and services.

The decision to use purple as the main color of the brand gave us the ability to project both luxury and trust as the user interacts with the brand in marketing content & the Product itself.

The branding of “WeStocks” was to create a move “real-money” appearance to the brand and present more serious trading appearance to a similar product.

Product design (UX/UI)

The product which the founding team presented to me was the shell of the full idea, the app’s architecture was operating but the experience and the appearance of the app were not matching it’s potential. My job was to bring the product to its full potential, the tools I have used to advances the product design included design thinking methods like - customer experience maps, paper prototyping, flow maps, dot voting exercises & more.

Lobby screens (tournaments)

Jan 18

Feb 18

May 18

Dec 18

Positions (score follow-up)

Changing the lobby appearance was an easy task, it required to show the title, a timer, the duration, entry fee, prize, how many users and the division on the prizes all this while keeping at least 2.5 tournament cards above the fold to make sure the user has enough engagement on the first moment the app is revealed.

Positions (score follow-up)

The "positions" page was one of the most un-user friendly pages in the app while it was the second most important part of the app. it was divided into 2 levels of tabs within tabs and was missing a lot of important information to the user.

my solution was implemented into design after creating user journey maps and emotional behavior maps to all the required scenarios of this page of the product.

I was able to minimize the experience into only 2 tabs with clearer more engaging information about every tournament.

Positions (score follow-up)


The request from the founding team was to create a podium-like effect while maintaining the current behavior of the leaderboard.

Later the request was to create a similar design to the leaderboard design by the talented Yeruslav Zubko.

This was my “rebound” shot of Yeruslav’s design Vs. the old design of the app's leaderboard.

More (settings)

More page was the center for the user to work with the app and not just play & trade, from information about the product, contact & verification up to the profile & wallet for the user to deposit & withdrawal funds.The idea was to create a backside effect to the app by using a slightly different color scheme to all of the pagesunder more.

Special tournaments

Other projects

Other than the UX/UI of Blockium/WeStocks among my tasks I was in charge of managing a marketing designer and over 8 interns in different periods of time.I was in charge of creating the “round A” funding presentation for the company and landing pages and the main site of the company.


The work at fokoya was the best learning experience I could have asked for, working back to back with the founding team had it’s up and downs, but, it involved so many great experiences which came from hours of hard work & passion (even if it was not my product it felt like my baby).

I have designs and ideas that I can’t possibly put on one site from my time at fokoya and my involvement in the social financial trading world. ask me about it here.